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Creating Effective Technician Car Stocks and Spending Plans

Parts Management

How to Create Effective Car
Stocks and Spending Plans
Identify a Piece of the Business Each Tech is Responsible to Manage:
arrow_right_50x50 Creating effective service territories with 80% or greater territory integrity is a critical first step. Then, you can create territory-based parts spending plans and predictive car stock recommendations that are relevant to the environment where the technician is working

Cost Controls Must be Tied to Company Financial Goals:

arrow_right_50x50 The territory-based technician spending plans must be based on the financial goals of the company and relevant to the environment where each tech is working

Achieving Correct Inventory Turns is Necessary:

arrow_right_50x50 Accomplishing 4 turns annually on techs car stock inventory items is a critical part of effective parts inventory management. This reduces the amount of money needed for ongoing inventory purchases and reduces the amount of inventory dead-stock obsolescence write-offs

Must Know my Month-To-Date Actual Results to Plan:

arrow_right_50x50 Each tech needs to see their actual parts spend to their territory plan. This allows techs to make better decisions and manage effectively to their spending plan while driving excellent machine reliability

arrow_right_50x50 Managing the yield achieved on each high mortality part is critical to controlling your parts cost and getting the most of every dollar you spend on parts inventory items

Effective Parts Management is critical to deliver quality service and drive operational efficiencies / profitability. Let PIVOT assist you in achieving these essential parts management objectives


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