PIVOT 2-Minute Drill
Designing Effective Service Territories

Territory Design

4 Required Elements
to Build Effective
Service Territories
Data Governance:
arrow_right_50x50 Have an effective method to identify active machines in the field that are no longer being serviced, correct inflated and zero meters, as well as identifying bad addresses are all critical areas of an effective territory mapping tool

Calculating and Balancing Territory Workload:

arrow_right_50x50 Having accurate distribution of Territory Workload is essential in order to drive Territory Integrity, Machine Reliability and Customer Responsiveness

Quick and Easy Territory Design:

arrow_right_50x50 Being able to adapt to your philosophy of territory design is critical. Whether it is specialist or generalist territory structure, the analytics platform needs to accommodate the needs of the dealer. No two companies are the same when it comes to Territory Structure

Seamless Ongoing Territory Maintenance:

arrow_right_50x50 Ongoing Territory Adjustments are required to drive territory integrity, a positive customer experience, and efficiencies / profitability

arrow_right_50x50 The ability to auto-update your ERP with your Territory Adjustments is critical as you identify parts management, tech expectations and cost control objectives within your organization

Building quality Service Territory assignments used to take weeks or months. Now, in less than an hour, PIVOT will assist you in designing the most accurate service territories your company has ever created


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