Advanced Sales Management Training

Day 1

The Sales Manager’s Job Description

• Goals of the Sales Manager’s job • Review of the Sales Management job activity descriptors • Developing a Sales Organization Culture • Cultural Conduct Statement

Leadership Skills

• Sales Management Leadership Self-Assessment • Sales Management Leadership Qualities • Selecting Future Leaders from the Sales Manager Team • Expectations of the Sales Rep • Behavioral expectations of a team of Sales Reps • Activity expectations of a team of Sales Reps • Cultural expectations of a team of Sales Reps • Characteristics of Great Leaders

Sales Rep Expectations of the Sales Manager and their company

Quantifiable Sales Assignments

• Retail Rep • Named Account Rep • Major Account Rep • MPS Specialist • Solutions Rep • MNS Rep • Selling Supervisor

Sales Activity and Financial Benchmarks

• Sales Activity Benchmarks by Sales Assignment • Sales Staffing Benchmarks • Sales Territory Financial Benchmarks • Company Sales Financial Benchmarks

Prospecting disciplines (the most important management activity)

• The six most effective Prospecting tools • The Prospecting Continuum • The Inspection Process to ensure quality Prospecting

Day 2

Sales Results Analysis and Tracking Activity

• Conducting the weekly Sales meeting • The Sales Activity tracking document • Inspecting to insure quality Sales Activities • Pipeline management process and tools • Win / Loss / Churn Analysis

Skills Management

• Developing Effective qualifying Skills • MPS made simple (the brown bag approach) • The four great demonstrations a Sales Manager should insist on

Compensation plan Best Practices

• Compensation benchmarks • Minimum expectations for appropriate compensation • Revenue and GP based Compensation effectiveness • MNS compensation practices

MPS Best practices

• MPS qualifying • Securing MPS in your top 100 accounts • Closing skills for MPS

Managed Network Services

• MNS Sales Positions • MNS benchmarks • Business Process Optimization

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