Pros Elite 100


Pros Elite 100 Certification

  • The Ultimate Differentiator, which includes all service, sales and operational consulting, training, and follow up services offered by The Pros Elite Group.
  • The Pros Elite 100 Virtual Sales Call destroys your competition.
  • The prestigious Pros Elite 100 certification is awarded by the Office Imaging Industry’s benchmarking co-authors and execution experts.
  • Only 100 Office Imaging dealers in the United States and selected international markets will earn Pros Elite 100 status.
  • Only one dealer in any market will be awarded this distinction.


Dealer Advantage

  • Unleash the power of exclusivity to your Sales Organization to achieve market share dominance.
  • Train your service management team in the processes, procedures and tactics to achieve world class operational and profitability benchmarks.
  • Provide executive team World Class Leadership and Strategic Planning skills.
  • Breed Elite Customer skills throughout your Organization.
  • Increase equipment and aftermarket Margins.
  • Experience extraordinary customer loyalty and retention.
  • Understands that it increases the economic value of their dealership to potential acquirers.


Customer Advantage

  • Dealer’s claims of Service excellence can be validated through achievement and certification of specific criteria by the recognized experts in Service operations improvement.
  • Insures quality performance throughout the term of the contract through extensive and ongoing audit procedures of the dealership.
  • Narrows selection criteria and spotlights the dealership that benchmarks best against the Industry’s elite.
  • Provides customer confidence in the dealership’s ongoing investment in continuous service improvement and technical excellence.
  • Guarantees the best price / value relationship is achieved when acquiring office equipment.
  • Customer can be assured that the management staff is trained to pro actively identify potential issues before they become a customer problem.

The Certifying Organization

Pros Elite Group is the internationally recognized leader in Office Product Dealership Service Operations Improvement.

The PROs organization is exclusively made up of former Service executives who were the co-creators of the Service Performance benchmark model which is still recognized throughout the Industry as the standard for excellence for copier / printer service organization performance.

The Value

PROs Elite 100 organizations are nationally recognized for their quality service delivery.

Only one dealer in any market will earn PROs 100 elite recognition.

This recognition will be earned based on demonstrated Service organization excellence resulting from the completion of advanced service management, leadership skills and Elite customer relations training, achievement of benchmark standards, and ongoing auditing and performance coaching.

PROs Elite 100 organizations have unlimited access to the PROs executive team for overall dealership improvement consultation and execution of the virtual sales call.

PROs Elite 100 companies will have access to the top performing dealers and best practices available in the industry by participating in semi-annual roundtables designed to further improve the performance of the Elite 100 and find solutions to common dealer challenges.

The Advantage

PROs Elite 100 recognition establishes the long sought after status that exclusivity brings to a dealership.

Only one dealer in any market, regardless of manufacturer affiliation, will achieve PROs Elite 100 status.

All marketing done by the PROs group on behalf of the dealership will emphasize the commitment and achievements it took to acquire this national prominence and exclusive status in the dealer’s market.

PROs ELITE 100 dealer sales organizations will be trained, on site, by PROs executives on how to articulate the PROs Elite 100 recognition of their service organization as the Ultimate differentiator in their respective markets.

The improvements derived from the Service operational performance and profitability enhancements will be the source of funding for additional dealer initiatives.

The Certification Process

The Certification program begins with the completion of a pre-assessment certification process.

An operations assessment process is then scheduled to be performed.

During the assessment we identify areas of opportunity for service organization improvement that are the foundation of the dealer achieving PROs ELITE 100 status.

We then provide a customized action plan outlining all areas that need to be addressed.

We then provide your service management team with the processes, procedures, coaching, tools and all required training to successfully execute the action plan which culminates with Certification.

Ongoing monitoring of key levels of service criteria begins upon Certification to insure the consistent quality of the Service organization is maintained.

The Training & Coaching

We train and coach your service management staff during the execution of the action plan.

We will train your service management to monitor the key indicators that drive benchmark performance in service operations.

Service management will understand what we are implementing and why we are implementing it.

In the Advanced Service Management Seminar we will elevate the Service Management skills to drive profitability and operational performance within service.

Service Management will be enabled to assess their own organization and execute the 15 “Must Do’s” for continued service excellence.

Service Managers development will continue with the exposure to world class leadership and strategic planning skills to make them a pro-active force in the dealership.

The entire dealership is then exposed to Elite customer skills, in an onsite training seminar, to link all employees to the PROs ELITE status of the dealership.

Finally the sales organization is taught by PROs executives on how to utilize the PROs ELITE 100 certification and the virtual sales call as the Ultimate differentiator to defeat their competition.