Sales Consulting

Pros Elite Group Sales Consulting

We will provide the steps on how to achieve benchmark profitability, consistent productivity, and consistent growth in sales.

The Pros Elite Group Team will evaluate how to successfully position your sales team for the future and implement the New Dealer Hybrid model that takes a dealer from Phase 1 – which focuses on selling and servicing MFPs and Printers, to Phase 4 – which manages the digital information, processes, software and hardware of their clients in an entirely new financial relationship not necessarily based on CPC.

We will Train your Sales management team on how to successfully implement a customized PEG Sales Playbook for your organization. This will include all Sales Management processes, procedures and all forms to use during the Implementation of your Customized Sales Playbook process phase of the action plan.

The Pros Elite Group Team trains and coaches your Sales Management team in the Pros Weekly Selling Process reviews which will include advanced tactics to successfully execute a Managed Print Services initiative within your organization.

We will show you how to achieve a 10% profit contribution from your sales team and generate annual sales productivity in excess of $500,000 per Sales Rep. This is critical for a dealer to achieve and will only be accomplished if the right sales process is in place and a comprehensive Sales Playbook is installed and executed.