Sales Training

The Pros Elite Group has focused its Sales training on the two key areas that are most lacking in execution in the Office Imaging Industry: Sales Management Process training, and Boosting MPS sales at the retail level.

Sales Management Process

The number one capability that allows some Office Imaging Systems to excel in Sales while others flounder is the execution of a solid Sales Management Process. This one day course outlines the development and use of a customized “Office Imaging Sales Playbook” for any dealership.

Subject matter includes:

  • Designing meaningful sales assignments based on industry benchmarks
  • Executing to Financial and Sales Activity Benchmarks
  • Written Sales Rep expectations, Expectations a Sales Rep should have of your organization
  • Recruiting and selection tools
  • Driving and inspection of the prospecting calendar
  • Qualifying skills for MPS
  • Sales Manager Time and territory Management
  • Sales activity tracking
  • Forecasting and Sales compensation.

MPS Booster Seminar

Most dealers have participated in formal MPS training. However, less than 50% of those same dealers feel they have a successful MPS program one year later. This 4 hour seminar focuses on getting the most out of the MPS formal training by getting the retail Sales Representative more involved in successfully pursuing MPS opportunities in small to medium businesses. The seminar also covers the Management Process required to deliver a successful MPS program.

Subject matter includes:

  • MPS Qualifying questions every Retail Sales Rep should be able to ask
  • Conducting the MPS demonstration
  • Conducting “Brown Bag survey in small to medium enterprises
  • Expectations of MPS Sales Rep and Sales Management activity
  • Turning ink jet printers into laser printers
  • Writing an effective transition plan
  • Structuring small to medium size MPS opportunities
  • Sales activity tracking
  • MPS activity expectations of a successful retail sales rep.