PIVOT 2-Minute Drill
Calculating Your Company’s Market Share

Your Company’s
Market Share

   Company Market Share Considerations
Forecasted Industry Contraction:
arrow_right_50x50 You are competing for a bigger share of a smaller market.

Become a Market Share Winner:

arrow_right_50x50 Learn successful strategies to grow your company’s market share.

4 Strategic Reasons to know your Company’s Market Share:

arrow_right_50x50 Identify your total market share $ opportunity.

arrow_right_50x50 Your current market share becomes the bases for your company’s 12-month equipment growth plan.

arrow_right_50x50 Plan to increase your marketshare .5% to 1% annually.

arrow_right_50x50 Effectively communicate to your sales reps the net new growth opportunity within their sales territory.

Developing a Market Share Driven Sales Organization can help you Target the areas that will Drive More Equipment Sales


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