PIVOT 2-Minute Drill
Handling Small Customers After the Sell

Customer Considerations

Correctly Build an Internal Sales
Rep Structure to Drive
Outstanding Service
Outstanding Service:
arrow_right_50x50 Essential to provide Outstanding Customer Service regardless of customer size

The Real Cost of Bad Customer Service:

arrow_right_50x50 92% of consumers say that they will stop purchasing from a company after 3 poor customer service experiences

Primary Responsibilities of Internal Sales Reps:

arrow_right_50x50 Service Low-End Customers

arrow_right_50x50 Sell Supplies to Non-Contract Customers

arrow_right_50x50 Sell Refreshed Low-End Equipment to Current Customers

arrow_right_50x50 Set Outside Rep Appointments for Larger Deals

Building an Internal Sales Force Requires Knowledge in 3 Critical Areas:

arrow_right_50x50 Define accounts that should be serviced by an Internal Sales Rep

arrow_right_50x50 Define $ amounts associated with refreshing the Sell of these Units

arrow_right_50x50 Determine how to Compensate an Internal Sales Rep assignment

Effectively Managing your Low-End Customer Base is a critical part of your Customer Retention and Sales Growth Planning


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